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  • The perfect minimalist summer travel wardrobe starts with the perfect travel shirt

    Minimalist Travel Wardrobe Ideas

    I travel a lot, and I really hate lugging around extra stuff. So when it comes to packing light I have a super minimalist attitude. If you’re looking to put together your own minimalist summer travel packing list, I have a few ideas for you.......

  • Introducing the Digital Nomad Collection

    I’m a digital nomad – a remote worker and constant traveler. But I’ve been thinking lately about other nomads – Roma, Masai, Bedouin – people who have lived a nomadic lifestyle for hundreds if not thousands of years. These people were the OG’s of wanderlust.......

  • San Francisco Mission District Itinerary | Vintage and Souvenir Shopping

    I have an issue with souvenirs. It’s not that I can’t find them or that I pay too much. Trust me. I’m really good at shopping and finding deals. Nope. My problem is that I always seem to find souvenirs to remember a trip that......

Hi, I’m Kat!

My hubs and I are traveling the world as healthy, happy nomads. We’re looking for the best place to live, the healthiest way of eating, and the most fun and effective workouts as we go. Join me in my quest to wring every ounce of awesome out of life!

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