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Blog Masonry Full Width

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The perfect minimalist summer travel wardrobe starts with the perfect travel shirt

Minimalist Travel Wardrobe Ideas

I travel a lot, and I really hate lugging around extra stuff. So when it comes to packing light I have a super minimalist attitude. If you're looking to put together your own minimalist summer travel packing list, I have a few ideas for you. While...

Introducing the Digital Nomad Collection

I'm a digital nomad - a remote worker and constant traveler. But I've been thinking lately about other nomads - Roma, Masai, Bedouin - people who have lived a nomadic lifestyle for hundreds if not thousands of years. These people were the OG's of wanderlust. Or...

Off Beat San Francisco | The Marina District Itinerary

Looking for something a little less touristy to do in San Francisco? I lived in San Francisco for almost three months before flying to Bali, Indonesia (where I am now). I got to know the city and discovered few ways you could spend the day exploring...

travel essentials kit for shorter flights that fits in your pocket

The Mini Flight Essentials Kit

Airplanes are dry, noisy, and uncomfortable. Every last thing you can do to make those hours in the air more bearable is worth the effort. But bumping into strangers when you rummage around in your stuff is no fun. And just thinking about dragging around a...

packing cube mistakes stuffed suitcase

5 Huge Packing Cube Mistakes And What To Do About Them

Packing cubes have completely changed my packing game this past year. But even though they're pretty self-explanatory, I think it's easy to make some major packing cube mistakes. You might think of these as missed opportunities for maximizing the greatness of the packing cube. I use these...