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Introducing the Digital Nomad Collection

Introducing the Digital Nomad Collection

I’m a digital nomad – a remote worker and constant traveler. But I’ve been thinking lately about other nomads – Roma, Masai, Bedouin – people who have lived a nomadic lifestyle for hundreds if not thousands of years.

These people were the OG’s of wanderlust. Or maybe more appropriately, to use a phrase from Andrew Henderson, going where they were treated best.

Here’s the thing – I might decide to go to Thailand or Indonesia because there’s great food, friendly people, and affordable rents. But these OG nomads traveled seeking literal greener pastures for their livestock, or fleeing from war or persecution.

I’m incredibly fortunate that I have the ability to travel because I want to. I’m not compelled to move around as a matter of survival.

If I’m going to claim the term “nomad”, I thought it was only fair to honor some of the people who have come before me, traveling for decidedly less indulgent reasons, living a life where nowhere and everywhere was home.

In that spirit, I created the “Digital Nomad” tee shirt collection. It features historical nomad figures that have been re-imagined as modern digital nomads. The collection currently features T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), and Bronisława Wajs (Papusza) with more to come.

Now, when someone sees your sweet new tee shirt and asks “who’s that?”, you can tell them about an inspiring person who paved the way for us to proudly use the term “nomad”.

You can buy these shirts right here. They’re the perfect gift for travelers and digital nomads.


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Kat Landreth

Web Dev, nomad, future expat, and compulsive researcher of all the things.

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