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Minimalist Travel Wardrobe Ideas

The perfect minimalist summer travel wardrobe starts with the perfect travel shirt

Minimalist Travel Wardrobe Ideas

I travel a lot, and I really hate lugging around extra stuff. So when it comes to packing light I have a super minimalist attitude.

If you’re looking to put together your own minimalist summer travel packing list, I have a few ideas for you. While I don’t have all of these exact pieces, I do have similar ones that I know work together and are versatile enough for everything I do while traveling.

The Perfect Travel Shirt

Start with a simple graphic t-shirt that you can wear with anything. The DaringMigration exclusive “This Is My…” collection t-shirt is that shirt.

Let’s be real. If you’re planning a minimalist travel wardrobe, you’re going to wear the same thing more than once. Might as well own it, right?

The “This Is My Shirt” travel t-shirt is a classic relaxed shape, with smooth, light weight, high quality fabric, beautiful simple typography, and it goes with everything. It’s basically the perfect travel tee shirt.

Wear it with a skirt or cut offs. Tuck it, untuck it, or half tuck it. Roll the sleeves for a fierce look, or let them loose to protect your shoulders from the sun. You can even rock the “graphic tee over maxi” look to give yourself even more outfit options.

Get this one right here at DaringMigration

Shop the entire “This Is My…” collection.


Black Maxi Dress

A flowy dress lets air circulate, keeping you cooler than tight fitting clothes would. If a maxi dress isn’t your thing, swap this out for a shorter simple black dress.

Get this on on amazon.

a simple black dress, especially a flowy on with pockets, is an essential for minimalist summer travel


Turquoise Ring

I love the turquoise ring I bought while vintage shopping in SanFrancisco’s Mission district. Something about a turquoise ring just makes a casual outfit feel more complete.

Get this one on Etsy.

accessorize with a minimal turquoise ring to keep your minimal travel wardrobe simple


Long Cardigan

Even if you’re traveling to the tropics this summer, make sure you pack at least one warmer layer to survive long flights and frigged air conditioning.

Get this one on amazon.

it can get cold even when traveling in the summer from cold planes to blasting air conditioning pack a cardigan in your minimalist summer wardrobe to stay cozy


Tropical Bikini

I love the tropical leaves on this bikini. I also love that the top is plain black, so I could wear it under my perfect travel tee shirt, or a black dress without feeling like a wild pattern is showing through. If that’s your thing though, go for it!

Just make sure you feel great in whatever swimsuit you pack. And if you plan on getting in the water, pick a size that’s slightly smaller than you think you need. Swimwear expands an gets heavier when it’s saturated, so it needs to be pretty snug when you try it on. Otherwise you risk a serious wardrobe malfunction once you hit the water.

Get this one one amazon.

pack a bathingsuit you feel fantastic in so you don't regret your choice on arrival


Black Birkenstocks

I’ve been wearing my black Birkenstock Arizonas since I bought them in Hong Kong way back in 2015. They’ve been amazing travel sandals and they’ve held up really well. They do need to be resoled now though, so I might consider buying a different style while we’re in Bali.

Pro Tip: Birkenstock is one Western brand I’ve found that’s reliably less expensive in Asia than the US. A lot of Western brands are more expensive in parts of Asia because of import taxes. But for whatever reason, real Birkenstocks from an official Birkenstock store are around $20 less expensive than the US. If you’re headed out this way, consider going shoe shopping on your trip.

Or, get this pair on amazon.

birkenstocks are a great choice for a minimal summer wardrobe since they can be dressed up or down and they are comfortable enough to wear all day


Mini Skirt

One of the things I love about a simple graphic tee is that you can wear it with everything, even a mini skirt. If you’ve feeling extra fancy, go for a sequined one.

Get this simple gray mini skirt on amazon.

the perfect travel shirt goes with everything, even mini skirts


Black Jeans

Dress them up, dress them down, wear them to the movies, mall, or out to dinner. My travel wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a pair of black skinny jeans.

Get these on amazon.

black jeans are a staple for a minimalist summer travel wardrobe


Cutoff Shorts

I am loving the way high wasted cut off shorts look with a classic t-shirt that’s tied at the waist. It also looks great half tucked in the front.

I just bought a pair of high wasted Levi 501 button fly cut off shorts in Bali. I bought them from a boutique, but I have my suspicions that they’re fake. While I don’t typically condone fakes, they still look cool so I’m wearing them anyway. Fashion gods, please forgive me.

Get this pair on Etsy .

pack a pair of comfy cut off shorts in your minimal travel wardrobe for casual days



Pin It

Just a few items will fill so many gaps in your summer travel wardrobe. While you might want another shirt or two, or even another pair of shoes, starting with the classics is a great way to start building your travel wardrobe.

If you love these ideas, share them!

minimalist summer travel wardrobe



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